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Have you recently purchased a large piece of furniture or other bulky item and don’t have a way to get it back to your home or office? 


We’ve got the solution! Our pick up and delivery service takes all of the hard work out of moving large items from point A to B. You just tell us where it needs to go, we pick up your item, load it onto our truck and deliver it right on time.


If you need a hand with moving any large item in or around Central Florida (or anywhere else for that matter), then contact Monster Movers today! We have years of experience helping people move their big purchases into their homes without breaking a sweat. It’s quick, easy and affordable – what more could you ask for?

Pick Up and Delivery

״We have moved many times over the 10+ years. Monster Movers is a local Polk County company. We have used U-Haul's Moving Helpers 5 times recently. This was by far our best experience!״

Karen Hack

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