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Whether you're a student heading off to college or a military member who's been relocated for duty, Monster Movers will make your move as care-free as possible. Our professionals will take care of those bulky items that simply won't fit in your car. Not only will we prepare and disassemble larger items like beds and furniture, but the downbeat team members here at Monster Movers also realize how difficult it can be to uproot from your life--and we want to help you ease your way into settling in!


We've got expert movers ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that both our customers' belongings and their emotions are well taken care of during their relocation process. So let go! Get in contact with us today!

Furniture Moving

When you’ve got a big move to make, nothing can help like the strong and reliable Monster Movers. Forget arms of steel; we offer powerful monsters that can lift heavy furniture to give you a quick move in one go. No more struggling!

Furniture Assembly/Disassembly 

Don’t spend hours with all your limbs tied behind your back! Monster Movers is the most affordable and effective way to get past furniture assembly and disassembly. You won’t believe how simple we make it for you! Forget about all those lost screws, shaking out drawers (they always seem to be built like a maze), or worse yet- standing on two wobbly legs while wrestling with stubborn bolts that refuse to align .

Shrink Wrapping

Monster Movers are experts in moving furniture with care and consideration for both your property as well as ours. They'll will shrink-wrap any delicate items before the big day so that nothing gets damaged. Monster Movers helps keep your house nice and neat during moving day!

Drive Away Service

Monster Movers offers Drive Away Services, providing reliable and cost-effective vehicle transportation. Our experienced team ensures safe and timely delivery of your vehicle, anywhere in the country. Contact us for a quote today!

״I hired Monster Movers twice now to help with moving. Once a few months ago to assist with very heavy furniture on a second floor of my house and place into storage. And just a this week taking a 5 bedroom house into 2 large trucks and driving it 1000 miles and unloading into my new house. Let me tell you, these guys are the BEST in the business! ...״

Harry Upholster

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